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December 19, 2005

The Christmas Present Nobody Wants:


The Christmas Present Nobody Wants:

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. - December 19, 2005

Big holiday dinners have an unspoken dark side: the gastrointestinal distress that results from getting stuffed on fatty main courses, buttery sides, and creamy desserts.

Flatulence, irritable bowels, heartburn, indigestion, and growling guts are all conditions that can be treated without polluting our bodies with antacids and other over-the-counter drugs that, for many people, don't even work.

Interview Bill Downs, one of the world's leading experts on diet and digestion, to discover how your audience can avoid this year's holiday eating hazards. Bill can provide a wealth of suggestions that will help people keep their taste buds and their digestive systems happy during (and after!) their big holiday feasts.

Downs has over twenty years of expertise in diet, digestion, nutrition science, and biological chemistry. He's also published several peer-reviewed studies, and is author of the Trafon blog (, the first blog to tackle one of society's last taboos: serious, open discussion about digestive disorders, gastrointestinal diseases, and flatulence.

Downs can also discuss:

• What holiday foods are most likely to cause indigestion

• Why people tend to get gassy around the holidays

• How to survive holiday feasts without over-stressing your digestive system

• The biochemical processes that cause indigestion

• How to control indigestion over the long-term

• Why some foods cause GI distress in some people, but not all people