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February 01, 2006

Link Exchange to Sites Related to Health Food, Diabetic, and Diet

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    Shape Magazine
    Shape Magazine is a virtual manual for a healthier lifestyle, that will help you look and feel better today! Shape Magazine brings you experts in nutrition, exercise, beauty and psychology to team up for a better understanding of women's fitness issues.

    Diabetic Cooking Magazine
    Diabetic Cooking Magazine features delectable and nutritious recipes to help people with diabetes manage their daily meal plans. Diabetic Cooking magazine's quick recipes will satisfy everyone in the family, and there are cooking tips, baking secrets, shopping hints, cooking lessons, and menu suggestions to make sure that a diabetic diet need not be dull.

    Men's Fitness Magazine
    Men's Fitness Magazine will help you get the most out of your workouts, and guide you to eating the right foods for your fitness goals. Get healthy, get fit and improve the overall quality of your life. Mens Fitness Magazine, Published by Joe Weider, the trainer of champions, Men's Fitness Magazine features consistently concise and expert articles that will help achieve complete physical and mental well-being, and just be a regular part of your exercise routine!