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Guy Gets Girl, Girl Gets Guy

Where to Go to Find Romance & What to Say When You Find It

by Larry Glanz and Robert H. Phillips

Nobody ever said meeting that special someone is easy. But the fact is that people begin romantic relationships every single day. The trick is in knowing how, and this is the book that will let you in on all the secrets. Guy Gets Girl, Girl Gets Guy will absolutely get you started in the right direction. It will provide you with all the important basics, including how to successfully meet, greet, and ultimately win over that special someone.

Guy Gets Girl, Girl Gets Guy takes a practical look at the where's and how-to's of locating and attracting that one right person. Part One focuses on who you are and who you want to be. It offers effective methods for enhancing your "inner" and "outer" assets, and then helps you consider the qualities you would like to see in your future mate. Once you have a clear idea of who you are and whom you would like to meet, the fun begins. Part Two provides a guide to the places you can go to meet new people - from the hottest websites to the trendiest night spots; from new and unusual places to common hangouts that may be right under your nose.

As an additional bonus, the book offers clever and effective ice breakers designed to launch your first conversation - a conversation that can lead to that first date, and maybe even a lifetime of love. With Guy Gets Girl, Girl Gets Guy, you have no more excuses to be lonely.

© 2000 by Larry Glanz. All rights reserved.