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If you have not met the gracious host, we know what you are asking right now: Who is Larry Glanz, and what am I doing in his bathroom? Well, we'll answer the first part of that question!

Self-described as Ann Landers meets Howard Stern's Fartman, Larry is just a regular guy who may be just a little more attuned to the pleasures of a positive bathroom experience than most of us. Eighteen years as a traveling salesman in the health food industry forced Larry to be on the road more than Willie Nelson. His consumption of a lot of water and a ton of coffee led to a lot of peeing and a ton of dumping and, of course, a lot of visits to bathrooms all over. In his travels, he witnessed every imaginable bathroom pleasure and faux pas, which he hilariously addresses in his popular book, The Ultimate Book Of Bathroom Etiquette and Humor.

Larry studied marketing and management in his native Philadelphia, and he has a variety of passions including boxing, "hoops", table tennis and The Honeymooners, along with his writing. Larry's first book, How to Start a Romantic Encounter earned him a guest appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Heeding his own romantic advice, Larry wooed and married the lovely Kim, with whom he resides in suburban Philadelphia. Larry is currently working on a variety of projects including several screenplays and a variety of products based on his books.

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